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  • Brit Hotel Les Mouflons - Besse-Saint-Anastaise
    Brit Hotel Les Mouflons - Besse-Saint-Anastaise
Besse en Chandesse

Besse, historic town

Numerous historical monuments line the city of Besse. Narrow cobbled streets, shops, belfry and beautiful houses are to be discovered during your stay in Besse. Queen Margot and the Medici family, who lived here, left their mark on the town.

Besse Saint Anastaise in summer

Located in the heart of the Parc des Volcans d'Auvergne, Besse Saint Anastaise is the ideal place for a summer stay. Enjoy, during a stroll or a hike, a natural setting out of the ordinary. On the activities side, you will be able for example to practice climbing, fishing or canoeing. The most adventurous can even go paragliding!

Besse Saint Anastaise in winter

Staying at the Brit Hotel Les Mouflons de Besse, you will be located right next to the Super Besse ski area (accessible by shuttle bus). The location is therefore ideal for you to indulge in the joys of skiing! The renowned resort of Super Besse has more than 85 km of slopes and will delight all kinds of snow sports enthusiasts.